Last year was full of amazing programs and events!  Below we've highlighted a few of our favorite, most impactful moments!

LGBTQIA Welcome September 23, 2015

LGBTQIA Welcome was the LGBTQIA Resource Center’s first event of the year and took place on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 to kick off the year!  From 3-5 p.m., LGBTQIA Welcome provided an opportunity for new and returning students, faculty, and staff to get connected to the community and find support and resources. Representatives from LGBTQIA-affiliated student organizations, LGBTQIA Resource Center staff, and current UC Davis students made themselves available to provide information and answer questions for new or returning students. There was also a student panel discussion around what it means to be LGBTQIA at UC Davis.

Ace Pride Flag waving with blue sky in the background

Foundations in Ace Allyship November 4, 2015

In Fall 2015 for Asexual Awareness Day Matt Reese created an allyship program for the Asexual Community which covered terminology, myths, and problems faced by the community along with helpful tips for how to be a better Ace Ally.  This event, in collaboration with the Ace Group on campus, strengthened community awareness and contributed to the deconstruction of allosexism and its connection with other forms of oppression.

Crafternoons: Native American Beadwork Edition December 4, 2015

Towards the end of Fall quarter, we collaborated with the Cross Cultural Center to host this special edition Crafternoons. Our lovely guest host Val Sierra shared the rich culture and history behind beadworking, as well as the significance of the materials and the placement materials on the necklace. At the end of the session, folx left with beautiful tentillum, abalone, and bead necklaces.

LGBTQIA Peace Corps Service January 14, 2016

In collaboration with Austin Peterson of the UC Davis Peace Corps office, this information session provided information regarding Peace Corps service, the application process, program areas, and benefits for volunteers. It also included interviews with returned peace corps volunteers (RPCV) and their experiences as members of the LGBTQIA community in service across different parts of the world.

Black Trans* & GNC Awareness Day with Black Femme Revolutionary, Joshua Allen! January 28, 2016

This year for Black Trans* & GNC Awareness Day during Winter Quarter, we invited Joshua Allen, a Brooklyn based Black femme Revolutionary and abolitionist. The workshop they facilitated was titled, “Organizing at the Intersections of Black Lives Matter & Gender Justice with an emphasis on Ending the Genocide of Black Trans* & Gender nonconforming Women, Femmes and Girls.”  This workshop was open to all UCDavis faculty, staff, community members, and scholars. We had about 150 people in attendance.

Watch Joshua here: A World Without Cages

Non-Monosexual Awareness Day: Bideology Film Screening February 11, 2016

For Winter Non-Monosexual Awareness Day, we screened the film Bideology.  Bideology is a documentary film directed and produced by Arielle Loren which explores male bisexuality and how biphobia can play a large role in non-mon men's search for a heterosexual partner. The program interviews bisexual men along with heterosexual women to give insight into the experiences of biphobia and bi-erasure faced by non-mono sexual men in relationships with straight women.

Intersex Awareness with Sean Saifa Wall - Pride Month Kick-Off!

This year for intersex awareness during Spring Quarter we flew in Sean Saifa Wall, Atlanta-based intersex activist! Saifa facilitated a workshop titled “Understanding the Body as a Site of Liberation” and gave a keynote titled “Coming Home: Redefining Reproductive Justice as an Intersex Person.” This event was open to any UCD scholars and community members.  

Watch Saifa here: What It’s Like to Be Intersex

Out on the Quad - Pride Month! May 12, 2016

As an event for 2016 Pride Month, the LGBTQIA Resource and the WRRC collaborated in bringing the community out to enjoy a day on the Quad. At the event there was food, snacks, snow-cones, outdoor games (kites, balls, hula hoops), music, and we even passed out the 2016 Pride Month t-shirts. We had 200+ people attend this event and had a great time on the hot spring day outside!

Queer Coffee for Graduate and Professional Students On-going 2015-2016

Queer Coffee is an event hosted by the LGBTQIA Resource Center to support the UC Davis grad and professional community. It offers a space for grad/professional students from all over the UC Davis campus to meet and build community on a regular basis.

Image of tea pot with five spouts pouring tea into five cups.  Caption reads "Spilling the tea like:"

Cuppa Tea On-going 2015-2016

Cuppa Tea is a community-based talk series that takes place in our center every-other-week. Together we discuss current events, topics, and recurring issues that pertain to LGBTQIA communities. Some of the topics we covered this year include: cultural appropriation, anti-Black racism, environmental racism, gender equity, student activism, and police brutality. With these community discussions, participants are able to share knowledge, learn from and challenge other perspectives, and transcend their engagement and involvement in the realm of social issues. Cuppa Tea also has done collaborations with other student-life centers, cultural-based programs and student-organizations on campus.