Awareness Day Events

The LGBTQIA Resource Center utilizes awareness day events to honor, celebrate and bring awareness to specific communities within the LGBTQIA community. At past awareness day events, we have had programming such as workshops, movie screenings and discussions, keynote guest speakers, scholar panels and educational displays.

We will continue to use awareness day events to specifically bring awareness to identities within the LGBTQIA +community that have had less mainstream recognition. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the LGBTQIA Resource Center will coordinate virtual programming for many different awareness days, including Intersex Awareness Day,  Asexual Awareness Week, Trans* Day of Visibility, and more. 

We rarely hold awareness day events on the "official" awareness/pride days for identities.  This is for two reasons. The first is that because we are a part of an academic system, awareness/pride days can come at weird times for us. For example, if bisexual pride day was on a weekend, we could not hold an event then. The second is because we often bring guests to speak or perform for awareness and pride days. Our intention with not inviting them during awareness/pride days is because these guests are often only hired for these events; we want to give them more opportunities to speak/perform/etc outside of these days.