General LGBTQIA Related Issues Resource List

The LGBTQIA Related Issues Resource List is a list created and maintained by LGBTQIA Resource Center Staff in response to the many, diverse requests for support we have recieived. 

This list covers food resources, financial resources, housing resources, health and wellness resources, academic support resources, on campus discrimination resources and legal resources that we are currently aware of. It also has a small section with resources on learning about LGBTQIA issues and some helpful apps, podcasts, and social media accounts that we are building on. Organizations that we know are LGBTQIA inclusive are marked as so. 

These resources are centered on the Yolo County and Sacramento Area, since this is mainly where our visitors are from.

This list continues to be worked on and is in no way comprehensive. It is simply the list that we use to refer people who come to us for support. You can use this list to self refer or to use to refer other people if they come to you for support. Please know that you can still come into our center and ask staff for support though, we just want to put our resource list out there for easy access, as we know many people may not be comfortable coming to the center or have a hard time getting here due to restricted hours or transportation.

You can find the list here: Resource List

If you believe your organization, resource, etc should be added please email Jasper Lounds at