Nicolas Bambach

Nicolas Bambach 2018


Area of Study

I currently hold the position of Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources of the University of California, Davis. My research aims to design a framework to link leaf and canopy level measurements to flux and remotely sensed energy balance data used to estimate evapotranspiration (ET) and crop stress in vineyards. As a result, I expect to create tools to automate fine-tuned irrigation, based on scientifically sound theory in crop stress physiology linked to field-based and remote sensing data as well as models. This project relates to my PhD research on plant-atmosphere interactions focusing on photosynthesis under extreme environmental conditions.
Previous to my current postdoctoral appointment, I was Executive Director of the Global Change Center at Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Chile. In this position, I worked with academics, government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector to bridge the gap between academia and society by implementing solutions to face climate change.
I am a bisexual man happily married to a man. I struggled for years with my sexual orientation, and being part of the UCD community was essential for me to come out. I felt and feel safe and respected no matter what, and so I am committed to build spaces within this community where everybody can feel the same way.