Crystal D Knight, She/they pronouns

Crystal Smiling Into The Camera, Wearing a Blue Dress Shirt, On a Red Wooden Staircase

Position Title
Assistant Director


Crystal Denise Knight (pronouns: she, they) is an activist and educator that fights for intersectional queer and trans liberation. During their educational journey, they have earned a Masters in Higher Education Leadership from the University of San Diego, and a Bachelors in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. In their work with scholars, they center the complex processes of becoming, healing, and trusting one's own personal wisdom. The nuanced brilliance of this is reflected in Andrea Gibson’s honest words:

I said to the sun, “Tell me about the Big Bang."
The Sun said, “It hurts to become.”

- Andrea Gibson, "I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out"


When being in community with folks that are growing in a kaleidoscope of ways, Crystal centers their work on empowerment, capacity-strengthening and skill-building. As the Assistant Director, Crystal supervises the scholar staff team, supports the center’s programming, and connects the greater LGBTQIA community to on-campus and local resources. Ask her about events, potential collaborations, resources, how to get involved, and more.


When she’s not at work, Crystal is likely to be exploring a dusty bookstore, singing in an a’cappella choir, asking basic questions about astrology, and stopping in her tracks to pet every neighborhood cat she sees. Feel free to come by the center to say hello or reach out via email to connect!