Jasper Lounds, They/he pronouns

Jasper, a white person with a beanie on is smiling at the camera. They are outside in front of a sunset and they are wearing all black.

Position Title
Resource Center Coordinator

Office Hours
M-F 10-6

Jasper oversees our educational programming, volunteer program, scholar-led organizations, library, and physical resources/space.

Jasper is a white, agender, queer writer and visual artist who strives to approach all they do with compassion. They live and work on un-ceded Patwin land and encourage others to learn more about the land they live and work on and explore re-matriation efforts in their area. Jasper graduated from UC Davis in 2020 with a degree in Community and Regional Development and held student jobs at the LGBTQIA RC, KDVS, and the Student Farm.

As a disabled queer and trans person, their work hopes to focus on community-support, self care through connection, and combatting stigma and oppression. They are most happy when cooking for loved ones, learning about healing practices, making art, and getting roasted by their friends. They're really excited to be working to uplift the UC Davis LGBTQIA+ community.

They are a Cancer sun, Leo moon, Gemini rising who is fire and air co-dominant.