Monae Roberts, They/she pronouns

Monae leaning on the railing of the SCC second floor patio in a blue button down and grey pants.

Position Title


Monae Roberts is a Brooklyn native, who moved out to California and joined the UC Davis staff in October 2016. The foundation of their work is promoting critical consciousness and healing in the world, in order to dismantle the root of all oppressions; they are for love, light and liberation. She often spends her time meditating, contemplating truth and the importance of spiritual connection. Monae currently serves as the Director of the LGBTQIA Resource Center. 

As the director, Monae is responsible for LGBTQIA advocacy on campus at the institutional level. The director is also responsible for the overall success of the center, ensuring that the mission and vision is realized and that the work aligns with the needs of the campus community