Study Abroad

The interactive map below was designed to be a resource for LGBTQIA scholars with an interest in studying abroad. In this map, each country is profiled by the laws impacting their LGBTQIA communities, local organizations providing LGBTQIA advocacy or support, multimedia resources about LGBTQIA identities in the region, and LGBTQIA events. Many of the resources we provide have clickable url links to websites.  This map is not intended to advocate or dissuade scholars from visiting specific countries. As such, please note that the colors chosen for each country are not symbolic. Instead, this resource can be viewed as a jumping off point for further independent research to determine which country or study abroad program is most personally appealing.  

In our initial phase of building this map, we had capacity to research and present information on 20 countries.  We researched the 20 countries with UC Education Abroad Programs that are most frequently selected by UC Davis Students.  If you would like information on other countries, Study Abroad and LGBTQIA Resource Center staff are happy to support you in researching other countries.  

If you are interested in learning more, you can connect with the UC Davis Study Abroad office as well as staff at the LGBTQIA Resource Center.  

Many thanks to the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) for the grant funding to create this interactive map, as well as the scholars who built the map: Yixuan Yang and Christopher Orlando, and our Study Abroad liaison, Benjamin Ferguson!