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The LGBTQIA Resource Center has two entrances: one located in the main lobby of the Student Community Center and a more private side entrance across from the SCC Reflection Room. Visit a map of our center for more information.

General Contact Information

Thoughts, questions, concerns, suggestions? Please feel free to swing by the center or drop us a line anytime!

LGBTQIA Resource Center
Student Community Center, Suite 1400
397 Hutchison Drive
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530.752.2452
Email: [email protected]

When school is in session, the center is open Monday – Thursday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Fridays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

We are located on the UC Davis main campus, across the street from Rock Hall and diagonally across the traffic circle from the Silo (SCC on the campus map).

Staff Information

The heart and soul of the center, staff take care of everything from events to the content on this website! You may contact the staff via e-mail or by calling the center at (530) 752-2452.

Full-Time Staff

Joanna is sitting in their office looking directly into the camera for a right side angled selfie. They are wearing a black and white striped shirt with lace over the shoulders and a copper necklace. Their hair is pulled back and black on the left side and blue on the right side. Joanna has "snakebite" lip piercings and a septum piercing. They are wearing black eyeliner and deep red lipstick.

Joanna Villegas, Office Coordinator

[email protected]

Joanna is a self-identified fat femme queer Chican@, first generation scholar, child of Mexican immigrant parents, born and raised in San Diego, California, in Logan Heights. Joanna writes, sings and dances to heal wounds, in the name of self-love, resistance and liberation. Joanna holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Chicana/Chicano Studies from UC Davis. Joanna plans to grow within the field of education, to ensure that all students have access to a holistic education that celebrates their hxstory and strives to create a more equitable future.

Image of Maia standing in front of the tree, smiling, looking up at the camera

Maia Huang, Community Counselor

[email protected] 

Maia Huang has been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2007. She received her undergraduate degree from The Evergreen State College in 1994 and her MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2004. She has worked with young adults and college students from a variety of different backgrounds, including clients from the LGBTQIA community, immigrants and ethnically diverse clients, and clients with disabilities, among others. She uses the arts and psychotherapy to assist clients to address issues such as LGBTQIA identity concerns, chronic illness, women’s health and wellness, multiculturalism, life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, polyamory, and relationship issues in straight and same-sex couples.

Maia’s professional experience has focused on providing direct care for underserved, marginalized communities in the nonprofit and social services sectors. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, she worked in the capacity of a community advocate, case manager, outreach worker, and peer counselor with urban, ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged clients of all ages.

As a co-creator in the healing process, Maia helps her clients facilitate lasting change to make healthy decisions about their lives, overcome past trauma, and find a strong sense of self-empowerment.

chaz at the Queer Leadership Retreat in 2014, wearing a purple QLR tee, grey denims, and a black studded cap.  chaz is looking to the distance at his right and he is grasping his right elbow with his left hand.

Chaz Ashley-Cruz, Assistant Director

[email protected]

chaz is a Black queer (BlaQ), multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scholar, poet, educator, artist. He was born and raised in Southern California by his maternal grandparents; this upbringing informs his compassion toward addiction, survivors and elders. 

He earned his bachelor of arts in liberal studies from Cal State University Los Angeles, and master of arts in organization leadership from the University of San Francisco. Chaz brings critical womanist/feminist and critical race theory to education and student affairs work with love, engagement, and intentionality. As a queer man of color, he sees education as a unifying and liberating tool for equity.

Check out some of his writing at

elizabeth coté sitting in Mojave sand dunes, smiling, wearing a golden hawk necklace.

elizabeth coté, Director

[email protected]

Hi! I'm elizabeth, e, a first-generation college student, mixed-Xicana, queer/pansexual woman who was born at the base of a volcano in Northern California.  I am committed to working on radical paths to equity within oppressive systems, and I hold love and kindness as essential to the practice of social justice. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies at UC Berkeley and my Master’s Degree in Counseling, Rehabilitation, and Student Development at The University of Iowa.  A myriad of academic, professional and personal experiences have influenced my passions, including: research on economic dynamics of tort law, direct mental health care services, wandering through the Mojave desert, critical disability studies, and work with LGBTQIA survivors of sexual trauma. I love to connect over new music & poetry discoveries, receive critical feedback and new ideas, and to spray-paint things with sparkly gold paint!

Scholar Staff

Image of Ruby T. Curiel smiling, wearing a black shirt, red tie, and black hat

Bee T. Curiel, Undergraduate Scholar and Community Coordinator

[email protected]

Bee T. Curiel is a first generation, agender, fat, queer scholar and uses pronouns they/them/theirs. They are a fifth-year Sociology and Chicana/o Studies double major, born in Oakland and raised by Mexican immigrant parents. They enjoy writing and performing poetry, reading, playing music on guitar and ukulele, making memes on twitter, and learning and sharing knowledge in community settings. Their main program “Cuppa Tea,” is an on-going dialogue space where folks are invited to discuss current events, issues, and topics pertaining to lgbtqia and other marginalized communities. Bee is also a part of La Familia (a closed group for LGBTQIA-identified Latina/o/xs) and facilitates different workshops that address gender, fatphobia, sizeism, cis-sexism, racism, and institutional oppression. After undergrad, they will continue to implement values around spiritual activism in whatever they may pursue next. 

I am playing with my Self, I am playing with the world's soul, I am the dialogue between my Self and el espiritu del mundo. I change myself, I change the world.” -Gloria Anzaldua


Val is overlooking the Cannonball River on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and wearing a California Indian beaded necklace

Valentín "Val" Sierra

[email protected]

Valentín “Val” Sierra (he/him/his) is a first generation, queer, Yoeme, Cheyenne, and Chicanx scholar. He is a fourth year Native American Studies major and was raised by a migrant farmworker family in California’s Central Valley. He works to unsettle and decolonize oppressive systems through education in the name of liberation and self-determination. He centers himself by practicing traditional Native American beadwork, reading/writing poetry and watching Youtube makeup tutorials. As a Community Coordinator at the LGBTQIA Resource Center, Val will have the opportunity to do high school and community outreach, coordinate the first ever Two-Spirit Awareness Day and help facilitate many other programs sponsored throughout the year. He will also continue his role as a member of the UC Davis Powwow planning committee in preparation for the 45th Annual UC Davis Powwow.

Image of Tori Porter with a big smile and a ice cream cone covered in sprinkles

Tori-Ann Porter, Undergraduate Scholar and Community Coordinator

Tori-Ann Porter is a Blaqueer, poor, non-binary, poly poet and scholar. They are currently a 4th year Gender, Sexualities, Women’s Studies major with a double minor in African American Studies and Chicanx Studies. Born in San Diego, and raised by a single mother. Tori is a writer, poet, and soon to be author. They enjoy writing testimonials and reading revolutionary papers. When they finally get out of this ableist cissexist white supremacist capitalist University (Spring 2017), they hope to attend a MA program in Social Justice Education in Higher Education. They do work on Blaqueer Femininities, BlaqLove, Same Difference Film Screening, Trauma: Seeing, Knowing, Navigating, and in the past have brung Black femme Revolutionaries (Joshua Allen) to give workshops. This year, Tori hopes to continue doing programming around Black and Queer/Trans* intersectionalities. Tori will also have the opportunity of hosting and coordinating the 2017 BlaqOUT conference which is a closed conference for Blaqueer and BlaqTrans folks. As a poet, revolutionary activist, Tori aims to make any space they are in more political and safer for those who are left in the margins. Look out for some of Tori’s events. 

Contact: [email protected]

It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win. We must love and support one another. We have nothing to lose but our chains”-Assata Shakur



close up image of mat talton wearing glasses and smiling

Mat Talton, Undergraduate Scholar and Community Coordinator

Mat Talton (Matti’s cool too ^_^) is a fat, Black, genderqueer, atheistic and antitheistic n3rd in their 6th year at UC Davis. They are working towards  a B.S. in Genetics with a minor in BME and plan on going into health policy. They were raised by a working class family in Inglewood, CA.

Mat believes self determination, in all aspects of our lives, is essential to wellness, and is heavily invested in promoting and supporting others’ right to self determine.  They’re learning new, radical ways to envision and approach mental health as well, and plan on bringing what they’ve learned to programing this year.

Mat loves music, podcasts, and sci-fi, feel free to share any or all with them (^_^) The Center and Queer community have been amazing resources for them over the years, and they hope can give back even a little of what ya'll have given them <3

Contact: [email protected]

image of matt reese wearing a black leather jacket and a bright yellow and pink top

Matt Reese, Undergraduate Scholar & Community Coordinator

[email protected]

Matt Reese is a gender non-conforming queer scholar in his third year of a Linguistics & Chinese B.A. program here at UC Davis. After graduation, he plans to attend graduate school in pursuance of a doctorate in linguistics.  In his future, he hopes to become a tenured linguistics professor at a major research university.  Matt is also President of the UC Davis chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, Social Fraternity (DLP). As a brother of DLP he works to improve the lives of queer students on and off campus.  When he’s not hard at work, Matt enjoys listening to music, dancing, learning foreign languages, and studying computer programming.  He also enjoys spending time with his fraternity brothers serving the community and performing as a drag queen at local events.

Image of Jess smiling, wearing a white crop top and floppy hat and holding a rainbow flag

Jess Galicia Montesinos, Undergraduate Scholar and Community Coordinator

[email protected]

Jess Galicia Montesinos is a first-generation, poor, queer, femme chilanga. She is currently in her 5th-year working on a Native American Studies and Women & Gender Studies double major with a minor in Spanish. She was born in DTLA and raised in both Mid-City/South Central LA and Mexico D.F. by undocumented immigrant parents and extended family. After finally graduating from this University, Jess plans on never being involved in “higher education”/academia again and will probably move back to Mexico City to focus on community activism that has direct impacts on the lives of marginalized people trying to survive in this world.

Besides her work as a Community Coordinator at the LGBTQIA Resource Center, Jess is has also been a facilitator for the Peer Education and Community Empowerment program at the Cross Cultural Center since 2013.

“Open up your eyes/ Contemplate the future/ Let’s talk about solutions/ Imagine we could rise above this” - Bocafloja, Distopía.

Beth is basking in the sun with her hands framing her face.

Beth Boylan, Graduate Student Researcher

[email protected]

Beth Boylan is jazzed to return to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center for a third year as a Graduate Student Coordinator. She truly appreciates the opportunity to work with an amazing group of activists and scholars at the LGBTQIA Resource Center, and collaborate with GSRs across the Community Resource & Retention Centers. In her position at the Center, Beth hopes to be a resource for the graduate community, and further develop graduate student programing and engagement at UC Davis. Entering her 4th year in the Sociology PhD Program, Beth’s research has focused on dance, gender, sexuality, nationality and immigration; more recent areas of interest include collective identity, memory and representation. Beth is also an avid dancer (solo and social), training extensively in her kitchen and at the club. Her past lives involved playing ultimate frisbee, learning five songs on the banjo, and a brief stint in the Orange County Junior Magicians Club.