(This Pride Month information is for 2019, a 2020 Pride Month update will be made in March/April 2020.)


As we get ready to head into Spring Quarter, Pride Month is just around the corner in May!


This year's Pride Month theme is:

Collective Healing for Liberation:

Healing Our Past, Embracing Our Present, 

Reclaiming Our Future


We are so excited to announce Pride Month 2019: Collective Healing for Liberation! We have prepared a full month of programs and events with our collaborators! We recognize healing to be a personal and community process that can only be reached through interconnectedness. This Pride Month, we would like to make space for interpersonal and community healing as a part of working toward liberation. By acknowledging our past, we challenge the structures that have worked to oppress and traumatize our communities; by embracing our present, we provide each other and ourselves with love, solidarity, and power; and by reclaiming our future, we build a lasting foundation of love and healing for coming generations. We seek to center LGBTQIA+ people of color in the work we do this month and always.

Stay tuned for Facebook events with detailed information for each program!

Pride Month Calendar