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Pride Month

Stay tuned for Pride 2022 planning! We are excited to continue this annual tradition with all of you, and we look forward to new and returning programs alike!


Pride month is is a month of programming in May dedicated to bringing visibility, empowerment, and knowledge to our communities. In over a decade of planning Pride Month programming, our goal has been to bring folks together to celebrate and affirm our existence and invite personal and community healing into our lives. We seek to center LGBTQIA+ people of color in the work we do this month and always.Pride Month is collaboratively organized by LGBTQIA RC staff, campus partners, and our volunteer Pride Month Program Planning Committee. 

Take a look at some of our materials from Pride Month 2021!

Pride Month 2021's theme was Queers in Bloom! Despite these challenging times, queers in bloom gives an opportunity to grow personally and collectively providing safe spaces to share each other's experience and allow for community healing. 

Throughout the Month of May, we will be holding several events meant to nurture community bonds and commit to healing together. Please make sure to add our Pride Month Calendar (which lists all events and relevant information) to your google calendar. 

Please stay updated with us through our social medias and newsletters!

beige background calendar with a lotus inlaid in center. At the top next to an image of a moon cycle are the words: Pride Month 2021, Queers in Bloom.