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Did You Know?

The LGBTQIA Resource Center has two entrances: one located in the main lobby of the Student Community Center and a more private side entrance across from the SCC Reflection Room. Visit a map of our center for more information.

General Contact Information

Thoughts, questions, concerns, suggestions? Please feel free to swing by the center or drop us a line anytime!

LGBTQIA Resource Center
Student Community Center, Suite 1400
397 Hutchison Drive
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530-752-2452 

(Please note, before you call, that we mainly serve the UC Davis and Yolo County area. Please reach out to your local LGBTQIA centers or organizations for support in your area.)

Want to ask us a general question? Email Jasper at

During Fall to Spring Quarter, the center is open Monday through Friday 11:00 AM - 5:00. During Summer Sessions, the center is open Monday through Thursday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

We are located on the UC Davis main campus, across the street from Rock Hall and diagonally across the traffic circle from the Silo (SCC on the campus map).

Staff Information

The heart and soul of the center, staff take care of everything from events to the content on this website! You may contact the staff via e-mail or by calling the center at 530-752-2452, although email is preferred.

The LGBTQIA RC staff try their best to answer calls, but due to staffing restrictions, especially during the summer months and school breaks, we cannot always answer calls. We also do not answer calls during any hours the center is not open. 

LGBTQIA Center Staff

Career Staff

Maia Huang, She/her pronouns

  • Community Counselor
Office Hours
Please do not contact Maia about adding your organization, resource, event information, research request etc. to the LGBTQIA Resource center website, social media or mailing list. Do not reach out to Maia for information about center events (besides her own mental health events), allyship trainings or other resources.

Although Maia does work with our department and has an office in our center, she does not handle any of the aforementioned work at the center.