Support Groups

Scholar-led Organizations Often Serve as Powerful Sources of Support

Below are some of the scholar-led organizations that are affiliated with the LGBTQIA Resource Center. You can find out more information about all of them by visiting our Scholar Organization Page.

  • APIQ (Asian Pacific Islander Queers)
  • Ace Spectrum Student Group
  • BlackOUT
  • California Adventurers
  • Delta Lambda Phi (Fraternity)
  • Gender and Sexuality Commission (GASC) of ASUCD
  • Gender Group
  • La Familia
  • Lambda Delta Lambda 
  • Lambda Law Students Association 
  • Queer Student Union 
  • Queer Feminist Trans Research Cluster

The LGBTQIA Resource Center also offers the following:

Support Groups Offered by Student Health and Counseling Services

All registered students are eligible for Counseling Services' groups and attending is free charge.  Groups require screening, for more information or to schedule a screening call SHCS registration at 530-752-2349 or visit 219 North Hall.

Lavender Connection

This support group is for undergraduate and graduate students who are looking for a safe and confidential space to discuss issues related to being LGBTQ. The group will provide a supportive and affirming environment where students can share common experiences and increase their sense of understanding regarding their own gender identity, sexual identity, relationships with others, and sense of empowerment. Areas of focus may include the influence of cultural background and ethnic identity, fostering self-acceptance, stress management, coping skills, coming out to yourself & others, dating, spirituality, campus climate, and family relationships. All identities within the LGBTQ spectrum including those questioning are welcome!

Grief Group

If you have experienced the death of someone close to you, join the grief group to find support, share knowledge, and learn coping strategies. This group is designed for students who have experienced the death of someone significant. Through a combination of art therapy, education, and discussion, members will find support while moving through bereavement.

Sistah to Sistah: A Group for Black Women

Sistah-to-Sistah is a drop-in support group specifically tailored to address the needs and concerns unique to Black women. The primary focus of our meetings will be on issues that YOU bring to the group for discussion and support. This is a solution-focused support group—Be prepared to be empowered, inspired, and nurtured!

Living and Coping with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities Group

This group is a safe and confidential place for undergrad and graduate students who have chronic illnesses, visible, and/or invisible disabilities to come together weekly to get and give support. The focus of group sessions is on whatever students bring up each week. Common themes discussed include self-care, celebration of accomplishments, coping skills, fostering self-acceptance, empowerment, pain management, feelings about social and academic barriers, boundaries, stress management, dating, family relationships, academic concerns, what it is like to interface with temporarily able bodied people, as well as managing multiple identities i.e. cultural background, gender, and ethnic identities. Most of all it is a place where you can be fully who you are and discuss concerns and issues important to you with other people who have chronic illnesses, visible, and/or invisible disabilities.