Campus Housing

Rainbow House 

Rainbow House is a community open to members and allies of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Students in the community share an interest in personal enrichment in a safe and supportive environment. Rainbow House promotes understanding about sexual orientation, gender identity, and other differences to enhance students' leadership skills and multicultural awareness. A variety of programs, activities, and events will be offered to students living in Rainbow House as an opportunity to explore their identity, learn about issues facing the LGBTIQ community, and become connected to supportive resources on campus.

Everyone who is a resident of the Rainbow House gets priority registration and full coverage of the costs of attending the annual Queer Leadership Retreat. The retreat takes place in the Sierra Foothills and includes a mixture of workshops, recreational and team-building activities, and will provide academic resources and peer support.

Student Quotes

"I love the Rainbow House, it honestly has transformed my experience at Davis."

"I love living in Rainbow House!!! The people are great and I have made a lot of new friends. It is a very welcoming atmosphere."

"Upon coming to Davis, I was not sure about living in the Rainbow House and how it would affect me, but the people here are fantastic and really outgoing. Living on the Rainbow Floor has been an amazing experience all around and really opened my eyes to the LGBTQIA community."

Gender & Student Housing Facilities

Student Housing has gender inclusive bathrooms in all housing areas, as well as the Rainbow Community Living Learning Community which specifically focuses on issues faced by students within the LGBTQIA community.  Student Housing is committed to finding appropriate, welcoming accommodations for all students, and Transgender and Transitioning students are encouraged to note this under the special considerations section of their applications so that we can discuss their options with them.  Student Housing respects each person’s right to designate their own gender and assign housing spaces accordingly.  Unfortunately the assignment system automatically populates gender from the UC Davis Banner system, which uses gender as designated on each person’s birth certificate.  Therefore in order to know that a transgender student’s gender does not match this designation, Student Housing needs the student to note that on the special considerations section of the application.