STI/HIV Prevention and Testing

For a comprehensive outline of sexual, reproductive and pelvic health resources available on or near UCD campus, check out The Basics: Sexual Health Resources & Information.

Free HIV Testing at the LGBTQIA Resource Center

In partnership with Health Education & Promotion (HEP) at Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS), we offer free HIV self-tests to UC Davis students. The test is an oral swab that provides results in 20-40 minutes - no blood!

To pick up a test kit, just stop by the LGBTQIA Resource Center during regular business hours and ask us for one. You will not need to provide your name.

While this resource is available to any student, please be mindful of our limited quantity and our intention to serve students who have trouble accessing HIV testing due to cost or privacy concerns.

For more information about HIV self-testing, check out HIV Self-Testing: Guidance to Support Your Decision-Making.

Anyone can also request free HIV self-tests from:

HIV self-tests are available for purchase ($39) at the SHCS Pharmacy.

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Other STI/HIV Prevention and Testing Resources

All registered students can get themselves tested confidentially for STIs/HIV at SHCS, regardless of insurance. Book an appointment online at or call 530-752-2349.

PrEP and PEP (HIV prevention medications) can be prescribed at SHCS. The HPV vaccine is also available, as well as HPV-related cancer screenings for anyone who has a cervix.

If you need to access a healthcare service but are concerned about privacy, check out Navigating Privacy and Confidentiality in Healthcare.

If you need financial assistance accessing any healthcare services, then the UC Davis Health Equity Fund may be able to help.

Visit SHCS’ Resources for LGBTQIA+ Students page for tailored health and well-being information for queer and trans folks.

Check out Zero HIV Stigma - a campus-wide campaign that aims to promote talking about HIV, getting tested for HIV and supporting people living with HIV