Community Counselor

The LGBTQIA Resource Center has a counselor on staff to help students access mental health services and other wellness-related resources on and off campus. Maia provides consultation for students and staff on mental health issues, as well as personalized referral and support with accessing services. Her office is a good first step for students who are struggling academically or personally but are not sure where to start.

Maia has worked with young adults and college students from a variety of different backgrounds, including clients from the LGBTQIA community, immigrants and ethnically diverse clients, and clients with disabilities, among others. She uses the arts and psychotherapy to assist clients to address issues such as LGBTQIA identity concerns, chronic illness, women’s health and wellness, multiculturalism, life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, polyamory, and relationship issues in straight and same-sex couples

It is easiest to email Maia for an appointment. Maia's email is

You are also free to pick one of the other Community Counselors, or to use Counseling and Psychological Services!