Queer Community Wisdom


Queer Community Wisdom 2024

Stay tuned for updates on QCW 2024! 


Queer Community Wisdom, formerly known as Queer Leadership Retreat is an annual weekend retreat hosted by the UC Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center. The purpose of the retreat is to foster opportunities for identity development and community building for UC Davis scholars, particularly first year and first year transfers. We aim to center and support queer and trans people of color in our work. 

Mission Statement: To be queer involves (re)asserting ourselves in a world that was not made for us. Working towards radical queer liberation will necessitate robust self-care and self-advocacy practices to sustain care and community. With this year's Queer Community Wisdom, we hope to nurture ourselves and our communities by making space to advocate for ourselves and center queer joy. We believe successful advocacy relies on a foundation of dismantling oppressive forces within our communities, and we intentionally center and uplift marginalized people within our space.

Apply to lead a session! Workshops at QCW can include many forms of engagement such as arts and crafts, dancing, yoga, group discussion, and more! Examples of past workshops include queer tango, ancestral medicine, astrology, gardening, etc. Workshops are intended to cover a 1 hour and 30-minute time slot. Workshops should also be inclusive regarding identity such as sexuality, gender, disability, etc. Anyone can lead a workshop even if you have not been to QCW in the past. Furthermore, some—if not all—of your expected materials will be covered by the center. 

More information coming soon!