Queer Leadership Retreat

💖✨🌳 Queer Leadership Retreat 2018! 🌳✨💖

We are very excited to invite you to join us for the tenth annual Queer Leadership Retreat! The retreat will be taking place the weekend of November 16-18th, 2018 in the Sierra Foothills. The purpose of the retreat is to foster identity and community for UC Davis scholars, particularly first year and first year transfers. As such, first-years will be prioritized in our selection process, as well as folks who are newly introducing themselves into the LGBTQIA+ community. As always, we also aim to center and support queer and trans people of color in our work.

This year’s theme is:

Centering Ourselves: Cultivating Personal and Community Growth

This theme has been crafted with the intent of dismantling all forms of oppression on a foundation of love. We believe this necessitates building and nourishing intimate connections with ourselves and members of our various communities. With this in mind, we hope to make room for community growth and accountability so that we may recenter our work with the intention of sustaining ourselves and each other. We acknowledge and challenge the systems that want us to burn out, and we respond with a renewed sense of self and community healing because we know that it is necessary for lasting growth. We especially want to build this foundation for those in our community who are just beginning to engage in this process of understanding and dismantling oppression.

Some of the objectives of the retreat include:

  • Empowering LGBTQIA+ scholars as both individuals and community leaders     

  • Providing safe spaces to build community, gain support, self reflect, and practice self care

  • Educating ourselves and each other while raising awareness about issues within our community/ies

  • Developing strategies and enhancing skills for consciousness-raising by exploring our intersecting identities     

  • Discussing our needs, setting community goals, and taking the first step to putting them into action  

The retreat will include a mixture of workshops, recreational and community-building activities, and will provide academic resources and peer support. QLR is a unique opportunity for student-scholars to network, learn, and share their knowledge and experiences. 

Apply Now (click the application links below)!!!!

Participant Application!

*Everyone must submit a participant application – even if you are applying to be a workshop facilitator and/or a home group leader!

deadline: Friday, October 19th, 2018 at 11:59pm.
Interested in devising and facilitating a workshop at QLR?
deadline: Friday, October 26th, 2018 at 11:59pm.
We hope to see many of you soon!
With warmth and solidarity,
Ang & Joel
LGBTQIA+RC Community Coordinators