Prospective Students Page

The LGBTQIA Resource Center staff and community interns can offer advising and information for prospective students. If you are considering UC Davis and are able to visit the campus, we encourage you to come speak with our staff and community interns by including the LGBTQIA Resource Center on your campus tour. Also, feel free to contact our office staff.

At UC Davis:

  • The LGBTQIA Resource Center is one of the largest of its kind in the nation.
  • The campus offers an LGBTQIA living learning community called Rainbow House listed in the Living-Learning Communities page.
  • The campus also offers support to find Gender Inclusive housing for transfer students through accommodation specialists. Information about this can be found here.
  • On-site community counselors are available for students at these student housing locations and at the LGBTQIA Resource Center (Find information about our counselor under the Resources tab > Health and Wellness > Community Counselor)  
  • The LGBTQIA Resource Center hosts fun weekly events such as Craftenoons ! For more information about other events and programs, follow our newsletter (subscribe via the tab in our "About Us" list), or follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram links available on the right side of this list)
  • Gender neutral restrooms are available at various locations around campus.

If you are new to campus, some great ways to connect with other community members and make new friends are:

  • Queer Leadership Retreat, a weekend of fun, friends and learning.
  • LGBTQIA Welcome, it's our annual open house where we have raffles, food, music and a great time getting to know each other.
  • Pride Month, our annual month long celebration in May that includes Out at the Quad, Queer Trans Pool Party, and much more! Information about Pride Month starts to come out March.