The Top Five Reasons to Come to the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center

While there are plenty of reasons to visit the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, we felt like this was a pretty good top five list of why you should visit us at the center.

  1. Welcoming space, very inclusive, lots of people from the LGBTQIA+ Community
    • People are friendly, reliably don't get misgendered, gender neutral restrooms close, games to play with community.
  2. Events!
    • Lots of student orgs meet here, cuppa tea, mindful Mondays, crafternoons and more!
  3. It's a good study space
    • Comfy chairs, a lot of space, lots of outlets, computers.
  4. There's always resources available
    • Menstrual supplies, condoms, health information in brochures, etc.
  5. Kitchen
    • Just a short wait for microwave, fridge, toaster, water heater!