Updating Lived Name in IT

Updating Your Lived Name in UC Davis IT Systems: A Guide for UC Davis Students

UC Davis is actively working towards solutions to ensure that lived names appear seamlessly across all university systems as a part of the “Lived Name and Gender Marker Policy” implementation. In the meantime, separate updates are required for separate systems. This guide is designed for UC Davis students who would like to replace their legal name with a lived name in university records, email display name/email address, zoom profile, medical records and/or UC Path. This resource outlines 7 separate systems below and includes a brief outline of steps, important info, and links to further forms and IT knowledge articles. Processes may be different for staff and faculty.

1. Changing Your Name in Some University Records

To update your lived name in some university records and documents, update the UC Davis directory utilizing the instructions from the Registrar and direct editing link for the directory.

Important Info: A legal name change is not required to update your info in the directory. Only first names can be updated at this time. It takes up to 72 hours for university campus systems to update a lived name. Updating the directory will share your lived name in university records, except when a legal name is legally required (examples of this include where a social security number is utilized such as with financial aid, paychecks, etc). Future policy implementation will require that anyone who has access to information about someone’s legal name is required to keep it internal and confidential. 

After the 72 processing period, you may request a new Student ID AggieCard with your lived name at the Aggie Card Office in the Memorial Union. A $15.00 replacement fee will apply.

2. Changing Your Name in All University Records

A legal name change process with the Office of University Registrar is required to update your lived name across all university records (including those that require a social security number). Instructions about processing your legal name change with the Registrar can be found in the section for name change on university record. Read more in the IT Service article about updating your campus directory listing.

3. Changing Your Email Display Name

To update the display name shown alongside your email address, complete form to modify your DavisMail display name

Important info: No legal name change is required to update an email display name. To complete the form, there is a requirement to have your lived name listed in the UC Davis directory (info in #1 above). Read more in the IT Service article about changing your name, email and LoginID.

4. Changing Your Email Address

Complete the online form to change your email address.

Important info: Having your lived name listed in the UC Davis directory (info in #1) and a processed legal name change with the Registrar (info in #2) are required to update a UC Davis email address. After the form is processed, systems related to your email address will be disrupted for up to a week while everything is being updated. Please plan accordingly. Emails from the previous address will be forwarded to the new address for 180 days. Please note that changing/deleting a UC Davis email address will remove it from the central database, but may not update your address within separate records (such as a listserv). Read more in the IT Service article about changing your name, email and LoginID.

5. Changing Your Zoom Display Name and Pronouns

Follow the directions in the IT Service article to update your zoom profile.

Important info: There are no prerequisites needed to update your lived name in your Zoom profile. Updating a profile name in Zoom does not change your name in any other university computing systems. Updating your Zoom profile will allow the option to display your name and pronouns automatically in all future meetings (vs changing your name manually every time that a meeting is started). There is also a setting called “Share in a meeting or webinar“ which allows you to choose when you want to display your pronouns - including options like ‘Ask me every time’, ‘Always share’, or ‘Do not share’.

6. Changing Your Name in Some Medical Record

To update your lived name on some medical records, log in to Health-e-Messaging. Select “Profile” on the left side menu and select edit next to categories like preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns to make changes. Contact Student Health and Counseling Services for further questions and support. A legal name change is required to update all medical records.

7. Changing Your Name in UC Path

Log into UC Path and select “Employee Actions” in the left side panel. Click “Personal Information” and select the drop down arrow menu next to “Legal/Preferred Name”. You have the option to update a legal and/or a preferred name from this menu.

Important Info: After updating your legal name in UC Path, you may be required to send proof of the name change to Human Resources. A legal name change is not needed to update your preferred name (prefix, first, middle, last, and suffix).

8. Changing Your Gender Marker

Students may currently update their gender designation between male and female via the Gender Change Form on OASIS. The non-binary option is not yet available but will be an option once implementation is completed, no later than December 31, 2023. To update your gender marker, log into OASIS, go to the “Forms & Petitions” tab, click the “Submit a New Form” button, and then select the Gender Change Form link. If you no longer have access to OASIS, use the Gender Change form PDF. No documentation of legal gender change is needed to update your gender marker on your UC Davis records.

Last updated: January 2022