The purpose of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center (LGBTQIA Resource Center) is to provide an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, cissexism/trans oppression/transmisogyny, heterosexism, monosexism, and allosexism. We recognize that this work requires a continued process of understanding and dismantling all forms of oppression. We are committed to this process both in our work and in the structure of the Center itself. The LGBTQIA Resource Center promotes education as well as space for self-exploration about all sexes, genders and orientations and their intersections with other identities. The LGBTQIA Resource Center values and honors that we are complex, multifaceted, and whole individuals. The LGBTQIA Resource Center is a dynamic, responsive and collaborative organization that serves UC Davis and the surrounding region by providing a growing spectrum of programs, resources, outreach and advocacy.


Our vision for the LGBTQIA Resource Center is a space where students, staff, faculty and community members from all sexes, gender identities, gender expressions and orientations* are welcomed and celebrated.  We envision a space where the diverse LGBTQIA community can find healing, connection, self-exploration and education. We envision an ever-responsive space and staff that are open to feedback and change. Our vision for the LGBTQIA Resource Center is a space that not only fights against sexism, cissexism/trans oppression/transmisogyny, heterosexism, monosexism, and allosexism, but also fights racism, sizeism, ableism, classism, religious oppression, ageism and nationalism/isolationism.  We envision a LGBTQIA Resource Center that works closely with other Community Resource Centers and campus communities in order to engage in this fight.

We envision a space that is filled with the sounds of laughter, music and conversation.  An environment that contains challenge and difficult conversations, which push us to grow.  An environment that develops pride where there is a history of shame, empowerment where there is a history of oppression, healing where there has been a history of trauma, and joy where there is a history of sorrow.  

Inherent in our understanding of this vision is that it is as much about the striving toward as it is about the arriving at.  We acknowledge that our work will never be complete, and that it is the continuing to move through this that inspires and motivates us to continue in our work.

*We intentionally use the word orientations to encompass all sexual, non-sexual, romantic and non-romantic orientations. Orientations can be fluid at various points in one’s life.  



Our approach to fighting against the oppression of LGBTQIA people will always include an examination and addressing of all forms of oppression.  Our practices will be informed by the understanding that community members who hold multiple marginalized identities are exponentially impacted by multiple systems of oppression.

Critical Love

We will engage in our work utilizing a love ethic informed by bell hooks’ definition of love as the extension of one’s self and actions in order to nurture the holistic growth of another and the interconnectedness between us.  We understand that this love ethic will require both compassion and accountability, challenge and support.


We recognize that we each bring different strengths and experiences to collectively tackle complex problems.  Our practices will be informed by an understanding of disability and economic justice.  We will engage in resource sharing and disrupting oppressive notions of professionalism, productivity, and individualism.


In the context of a world that has allowed little space for many of us to exist, we will foster a space where each of us can fully exist as complex, multifaceted  and whole individuals.

Dynamism & Responsiveness

We will be open to changing the way we think and work as there are changes in our communities’ needs and desires.